Jenny LABA
Psychologist and Certified Systemic Psychotherapist

Psychologist and certified systemic psychotherapist

Systemic therapy examines what happens between people, how they react to each other, and the patterns and rules that have emerged in our lives over time. Therefore I consider the complexity of my clients’ lives and include the relevant systems in which they live and work.
  When people run into problems that seem impossible to resolve, they often think that they simply need to try harder and continue to apply the same strategies, until they are finally stuck.
These blocked patterns in thinking, feeling, and behavior can be interrupted by activating internal resources. The goal of therapy is to activate blocked resources, make them available again and improve quality of life.
  I specialize in caring for my clients as a whole, not just their symptoms. Each person I work with is unique and has their own resources, qualities and strengths which are drawn upon in treatment.
  In a safe, confidential and interactive space, we work together towards your goals. My therapeutic approach is resource- and solution oriented and at the beginning of our work together we will discuss your specific needs and expectations. We will explore re-occurring patterns and limiting beliefs, in order to move forward in a healthier and more satisfying way. My aim is to get to know you as a distinct individual with your own history and unique desires, because even if symptoms may be the same, people are not.
  Systemic therapy is a powerful way to start your journey towards making lasting changes in your life. The treatment is focused on the here-and-now, but past experiences and relationships are explored with the purpose of gaining insight into present conflicts.
  I also offer phone and video-call sessions if your schedule does not allow for office visits.

Systemic therapy can be used to explore a wide range of issues:

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